Centralize all your procurement in your ERP !


As a buyer/supplier you are constantly looking for the best items to buy, at the best prices and in compliance with quality and safety standards. You therefore wish to have an ERP that will allow you to evaluate your company’s supply needs while accompanying you during the consultation phases with your various suppliers and during the contractualization of your order.


ERP pour acheteur/approvisionneur

Synoptic ERP : the ideal partner for your procurement/supply chain

Synoptic ERP collects and processes data relating to customer requests, stocks, production and procurement. This provides you with all the information you need to make decisions.

Thanks to Synoptic's features you can :

  • Manage your tenders efficiently.
  • Search and rate providers and suppliers.
  • Organize your supplier orders.
  • Control the quality of purchased items with the order control functions.
  • Intervene quickly in case of quality or quantity problems thanks to the alert and tracking system.
  • Control all stages of invoicing and accounting.
  • Edit and consult summary reports in order to optimize your procurement strategy.

Additional modules for perfectly controlled procurement

  • Procurement management :

    Manage your procurement from order to invoicing and gain leeway during financial negotiations : the dedicated Synoptic ERP module accompanies you at every stage of your daily work.

  • Production management :

    What is the status of production ? Are procurements/supplies soon required ? The information from production is transmitted to you in real time in order to anticipate your orders and tenders.

  • Inventory management :

    Receive alerts when a product goes missing, when a stock reaches a critical threshold, so you can minimize your reaction time.

  • Finance, HR and Accounting :

    Synoptic ERP checks invoices against receipt and order information and gives you the possibility to integrate your procurement journal directly into your accounting system.

  • Workflow :

    Model and track every step of your procurement from consultation to invoicing to reduce delays and maximize customer satisfaction !

  • Business Intelligence :

    The BI module allows you to track your own key indicators to facilitate your decision making.