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Control quality and ensure traceability at all stages of the manufacturing process

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Quality management: choose the right ERP!

Quality management is a constant preoccupation in your SME. This requires control and preventive actions, but also rapid intervention in the case of compliance problems. These tasks are particularly time-consuming and mobilize both material and human resources.

In order to optimize quality management, you must be able to rely on an ERP with a dedicated module capable of ensuring complete traceability of your data and products.

The quality management module of Synoptic ERP is designed to allow you :
  • To perfectly control your upstream and downstream traceability
  • Effectively manage your non-conformances
  • To have an efficient management of your documents
  • To control all your checking fixtures and fittings
  • Improve your service rate
  • To have key performance indicators
  • To perfect your continuous improvement policy
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Control all your quality indicators

The quality management module of Synoptic ERP intervenes at all levels in order to guarantee an efficient control of your data and products :

  • Ensure perfect traceability of the various stages of manufacture, production orders, operators, materials used, batch numbers, etc.
  • Manage your inspection plans in production by having the ability to insert inspection plan criteria for the finished products manufactured to check the quality of the manufacturing process (size, appearance, etc.).
  • Control your receptions according to your own criteria and according to the materials purchased.
  • Manage the approval of batches and decide whether or not to release them to stock.
  • Track your suppliers and assign them a quality monitoring code allowing a rating calculation.

Manage your quality thanks to non-conformance sheets

With Synoptic ERP you have the possibility to create and manage non-conformance sheets and related corrective actions. These sheets allow you to make an inventory of the quality of a production, of a material, and to propose, in reaction, solutions (repair, subcontracting, etc). From these sheets you can also :

  • Make an article inactive and block its sale.
  • Know the quality status.
  • Carry out personalised quality controls.

Health, laboratories : special requirements

Working in partnership with our many customers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, we have developed an ERP dedicated to their extremely strict quality control requirements.

Whether it is a question of describing tests thanks to a data sheet linked to the article, of managing derogations, clearances, or of entering control results in analysis bulletins, Synoptic ERP is perfectly adapted to professionals in the world of health and/or working in laboratories.

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the traceability/quality management functionalities presented :

  • Production management

    Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Inventory management, logistics

    Control your stocks in real time and anticipate shortages.

  • Procurement management

    Manage your procurement function from order to invoicing