Chief financial officer

CFO : harness the power of your data !

Chief financial officer

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO), you are responsible for ensuring the profitability and financial sustainability of your organization while ensuring that the accounting and administrative services meet both the regulations in force and the strategic objectives set by management. You are therefore looking for an ERP that will enable you to centralise and process the numerous information flows that you have to manage on a daily basis while ensuring perfect data traceability and accuracy.


Directeur administratif et financier Synoptic ERP

Centralize financial, accounting and administrative information and take informed strategic decisions

Synoptic ERP allows you to concentrate all the flows of accounting, financial and administrative information in order to model, structure and manage them.

This way you'll be able to :

  • Ensure that you have reliable information, updated in real time and perfectly traceable for your daily decision-making and strategic choices.
  • Simplify the reading of the information in order to be able to quickly identify the essential elements.
  • Create dashboards that allow you to quickly present key data.
  • Easily visualize your key performance indicators in order to implement, if necessary, corrective actions.
  • Automate repetitive validation and verification tasks, thus increasing productivity and efficiency by avoiding errors and double entries.
  • Model your internal processes in order to optimize them.
  • Protect your data by consolidating it in a secure ERP environment.
  • Fluidify the communication between the different departments of your company.

Additional modules for your efficiency

Finance, HR and accounting :

Synoptic ERP works in complete synergy with SAGE solutions. Your information circulates from one solution to another without retyping in order to guarantee you the best of the ERP and the performance of a leading software in financial, HR and accounting management.

Workflow :

Track every accounting, financial, administrative, and project information through the workflow. All your business processes are transcribed within Synoptic ERP in order to gain in efficiency and reactivity.

Business Intelligence :

The BI module allows you to analyze all of your company’s key indicators in a simple way. You will be able to follow the data essential to your business in real time through adapted dashboards, visual summaries, etc.