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Drive your business with a workflow designed for your activity

  • Workflow ERP SMEs

Workflow : model your SME’s business processes

A workflow makes it possible to describe and follow validation circuits, tasks to be accomplished between different actors, or validation modes. Each employee thus has all the information needed to carry out their projects.

Your internal processes are unique : the workflow integrated in Synoptic ERP allows you to transcribe all these processes, even the most complex ones.

The workflow module of Synoptic ERP allows you to :
  • Improve the responsiveness of your teams
  • To make your internal processes visible in order to optimize them
  • To facilitate the exchange of information
  • To have a better visibility on the progress of your production
  • Improve customer satisfaction by automating your processes
  • Facilitate your decision making and optimize overall performance
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Adopt our Workflow for SMEs and efficiently track all your tasks

Synoptic ERP offers you the possibility to follow the status of an object, whether it is an order, a business, a production order, or more generally a process.
It works as follows : 

  • The state of progress of the process is indicated by a colour : actions validated, actions to be carried out, delay compared to the planned date, etc.
  • The actors involved are informed by internal messaging.
  • Validation is manual or automatic. It can be conditioned according to the validation status of the previous steps.
  • You can view the details of each action performed by simply clicking on the block.

One glance is all it takes to find out the status of your task !

Automate your processes and increase efficiency

Your business processes are numerous and their multiplication can mean loss of performance and information. To avoid this, Synoptic ERP’s workflow allows you to automate your tasks. You will thus be able to :

  • Parameterize the wokflow according to your company’s own flows so that it corresponds 100% to your business.
  • Track all operations and flows in order to make quick decisions.
  • Set all the validation levels of an action to ensure that each task is perfectly executed.
  • Trigger automatic alerts if a task requires corrective action.
  • Generate automatic actions when a linked action is validated. Example : automatically send a delivery note to your customer as soon as the preparation of his order is validated.
  • Create seamless interactions between the different participants in your workflow, regardless of their department of origin.

Workflow enables your SME to save time and productivity while making internal processes more reliable.

Complementary modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the workflow functionalities presented :

  • Production management

    Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Inventory management, logistics

    Control your stocks in real time and anticipate shortages.

  • Commercial management

    Organize your customer relationship, seize opportunities