Logistics manager

Optimize your logistics management !

Logistics manager

As a logistics/supply chain manager you are responsible for the management of all logistics flows in your company, but also for the storage of raw materials and finished products. Your job therefore requires you to have an ERP system that enables you to manage and control supplies, stocks, orders and receipts, while keeping a perfect follow-up of the various actors and their respective tasks.


Responsable logistique Synoptic ERP

Control every logistic flow, gain in efficiency

Synoptic ERP includes many modules that are essential to your daily activity and that work in complete synergy : procurement management, production management, inventory management, etc.

In this way you have a complete overview of your logistic/supply chain in order to :

  • To manage efficiently and in real time your warehouses, your different storage locations.
  • To ensure a perfect traceability of your stocks, your raw materials, your finished products.
  • To follow each actor in the supply chain : technician, subcontractor, supplier, etc.
  • Quickly choose, thanks to customizable criteria, the best suppliers and subcontractors and thus reduce costs.
  • To reduce your management and delivery times thanks to the centralization of your flows.
  • Analyze your business in detail in order to improve your performance.

Additional modules for optimal management of your logistics/supply chain

  • Inventory management and logistics :

    Essential to your activity, the stock management/logistics module enables you to optimally manage your entire supply chain.

  • Production management :

    Follow all stages of production in real time and set up alerts and notifications to adjust your logistics actions.

  • Procurement management :

    View and intervene at all stages of the procurement process : supplier orders, order reception, subcontracting, etc.

  • Workflow :

    Build a model of each step of the logistic/supply chain that is unique to your company in order to visualize all the validation steps, the actions of the various stakeholders and the remaining tasks.

  • Business Intelligence :

    The business intelligence module allows you to track key data in your supply chain to help you make decisions and analyze your performance.