Make your SME grow !


As the manager of an SME, you are looking for an ERP that will allow you to manage and monitor all the strategic aspects of your company : commercial functions, procurement, sales, stocks, etc. You need a 360° view to ensure the sustainability, growth and profitability of your business. In addition, you want to continue or perfect your digital transformation.


Pilotez votre entreprise avec Synoptic ERP

Harness the power of your data

On a daily basis, you have to manage masses of data from all departments of your company, whether it is information relating to your treasury, your projects or your employees. The processing of this information, presented on various tools and media, is particularly time-consuming. Synoptic ERP is a major asset that allows you to :

  • Consolidate all your data in a single tool.
  • Easily view all essential information without having to use multiple applications.
  • Streamline your business processes by creating a common framework.
  • Make quick and informed decisions.

Boost your productivity, ensure your profitability

Ensuring the productivity and profitability of your SME is a constant concern. For this purpose, Synoptic ERP provides you with various complementary and configurable modules. You will be able to :

  • Reduce your costs by fine-grained analysis of the various expenditure items.
  • Boost your ROI by controlling your entire production.
  • Ensuring your growth longer without missing any strategic information.

Every need has its own ERP module

The modules of Synoptic ERP are configurable, adapted to your business, and designed for company managers.

  • Commercial management :

    Control all aspects of your business activity by centralizing key information about sales, procurement, requests for quotes, orders, suppliers and more.

  • Production management :

    Follow all the steps of your production in real time to ensure your company’s performance.

  • Inventory Management :

    Do you need to start working on a project quickly ? The inventory management module allows you to respond to your customers with the assurance that you will be able to deliver every order.

  • Finance, HR and Accounting :

    Our partner solution SAGE works in complete synergy with Synoptic ERP and allows you to have a general, analytical and budgetary accounting in line with your objectives.

  • Workflow :

    Follow each employee, each project, each action thanks to the workflow. All your business processes are transcribed within Synoptic ERP in order to gain in efficiency and reactivity.

  • Business Intelligence :

    The BI module allows you to analyze all of your company’s key indicators in a simple way. You will thus be able to follow the data essential to your business in real time.