Procurement management
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Manage your procurement function from order to invoicing

  • Procurement Management Module for SMEs

Optimize your SME’s procurement and gain profitability

Within your SME, procurement management represents a strategic position that strongly conditions your growth and profitability. Having an adapted procurement module is essential to enable you to optimise your procedures and centralise all data within your ERP : orders, invoices, deliveries, suppliers, etc.

Synoptic ERP’s procurement module for SMEs allows you to make informed purchases : your management controllers, your managers, your buyers, can thus better manage relations with their suppliers by gaining in efficiency and room for manoeuvre during financial negotiations.

The procurement management module of Synoptic ERP allows you to :
  • Buy in an enlightened way
  • Quickly manage and rate your suppliers
  • Gaining flexibility in financial negotiations
  • Efficiently control quality at reception
  • Improve the satisfaction of your customers
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Procurement management : Synoptic ERP meets all your needs

Whether it is a question of comparing prices and conditions of procurement according to suppliers, placing orders, following them as closely as possible and receiving them in order to allocate them to customer requests or to production in progress : Synoptic ERP enables you to manage and optimise your entire procurement process.

Manage your calls for tenders easily

The inventory management module allows you, in just a few clicks, to manage your supplier calls for tenders, define lists of materials and suppliers, and analyze their responses in order to make the best decisions.

Organize your supplier orders

From procurement proposals, CBN, manual requisitions or inventory control alerts, vendor purchase orders are generated automatically or created manually. This allows you to control all aspects of order creation, monitoring of progress, sending orders to suppliers, management of control status (reservations, delays, missing items), etc.

Control the receipt of orders

When receiving a supplier order, Synoptic ERP checks and verifies line by line what has actually been ordered according to your own criteria : quantity, price, deadlines, etc. You can also manage non-approved batches to make sure that your orders meet your expectations !

Manage your subcontracting

With Synoptic ERP you can closely follow the subcontracting actions :

  • Order subcontracting services from a vendor.
  • Follow the achievement of the services.
  • Contrôlez la facturation.
  • Gérez le stock de pièces chez votre sous-traitant.

Maîtrisez votre facturation et votre comptabilisation

Véritable outil de contrôle des règlements fournisseurs, Synoptic ERP vérifie les factures par rapport aux informations de réception et de commande. Vous pouvez donc :

  • Vous assurer de l’adéquation entre facture et commande.
  • Revaloriser vos stocks au coût réel de facturation.
  • Intégrer votre journal des achats directement au sein de votre comptabilité.

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the procurement management functionalities presented :

  • Production management

    Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Inventory management, logistics

    Control your stocks in real time and anticipate shortages.

  • Finance, HR and accounting

    Opt for tailor-made accounting management interfaced with your ERP