Finance, HR and accounting
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Opt for tailor-made accounting management interfaced with your ERP

  • Accounting, finance and HR module for SMEs

Finance, HR and Accounting for SMEs: trust your SAGE competence center

We are a SAGE competence center for financial and payroll management as the editor and integrator of Synoptic ERP.

This double qualification allows us to:
  • Manage the installation of your SAGE tool
  • Organize the training of your users
  • Support your tools with our hotline
  • Carry out the various maintenances in order to keep your tools up to date
  • Efficiently parameterize the interfaces between Synoptic ERP and SAGE
  • To provide you with a single expert contact for Synoptic and SAGE
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Accounting adapted to your SME

Managing the accounting and finances of your SME is an essential aspect of managing your company : you must therefore be sure to have a tool that is efficient, adapted to your business, and that takes into account the latest legal evolutions (RGPD, FEC, etc).

We support you with SAGE solutions working in complete synergy with Synoptic ERP.

Payroll management that meets the expectations of your SME

Within your SME, payroll management implies being able to meet your social obligations in all circumstances, and requires support during very regular regulatory changes.

Your responsibility can indeed be engaged : it is therefore essential to ensure a partnership with an expert who informs you, accompanies you and advises you throughout the social process which becomes more and more complex on a regular basis.

Synoptic ERP and SAGE: a complete synergy

Synoptic ERP works in complete synergy with SAGE, whether it be for accounting, payment methods, cash management, fixed assets or payroll. No data re-entry is necessary ! 

You can thus inject your data relating to procurement, sales, third parties and the hours worked by your employees directly into your SAGE accounting and payroll system and receive, in return, the accounting and financial information needed to manage your activity within your ERP system.

In addition, an invoice recognition system, via scan, allows you to automatically mark your invoices as received and thus validate their conformity in Synoptic ERP, but also to generate postings of invoices that are not managed in your ERP (overheads).

Your accounting with SAGE 100C

Sage 100C Accounting & Finance gives you access to general, analytical and budgetary accounting that we configure so that it corresponds 100% to your business objectives. You will thus be able to :

  • Increase your productivity by setting up automatic tasks that will allow you to free up time for high value-added tasks.
  • Manage your accounting in real time.
  • Monitor your debts and receivables in detail.
  • Analyze all your expenses in order to control all the budgetary aspects of your activity.
  • Retrieve the essential budgetary indications within Synoptic ERP and inject them back into SAGE 100C.

Your social management with SAGE 100C

SAGE 100C Payroll & HR allows you to manage the social management of your employees in the strictest respect of the legislation in force. The declarative module simplifies the generation, sending and settlement of your social protection obligations.

By managing your employees’ time in Synoptic ERP, through your production or work orders, you are able to send data to Sage Payroll and thus automate the entry of hours worked/paid.

Your tools evolve together

With the arrival of the new SAGE series, Synoptic ERP has been entirely updated to the new import/export rules between the two systems.

The Synoptic and SAGE experts at Proges Plus work in partnership so that you can benefit from regular improvements to your software tools.

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the finance, HR and accounting functionalities presented :

  • Commercial management

    Organize your customer relationship, seize opportunities

  • Procurement management

    Manage your procurement function from order to invoicing

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    Track your data with the power of MyReport : the Business Intelligence solution for SMEs