Chemistry and painting

The ERP dedicated to chemical and paint experts

The chemical industry sector is today globalized, which requires, for chemical and paint professionals, to have solutions that ensure they are as competitive as possible. The products offered must also evolve continuously in order to meet the increasingly complex and diverse demands of customers. Finally, the extremely volatile prices of raw materials require an ERP system that provides a micro and macro view of all the elements that are essential for production and meeting deadlines.

Synoptic : the ERP for chemical industries

Complex regulatory standards, hazardous products and raw materials to be managed, very many batches to be traced from the beginning to the end of the production chain : the manufacture of chemicals and paints is characterized by a large amount of information to be centralized, optimizing inventory management as much as possible.

Synoptic ERP intervenes at every stage of your work, in order to answer the unique challenges of professionals in the chemical industries !

  • Manage your labels and dangerousness :

    Manage hazardous materials to comply with European and international standards.

  • Manage your equivalencies :

    Manage your formulas and article equivalences in an optimal way thanks to the dedicated Synoptic ERP module.

  • Optimize your traceability :

    Coupled with the check-in in the workshop, the barcode allows an efficient traceability of your batches from the reception of the raw material to the sale of the finished product.

  • Control your production :

    Opt for an adapted and scalable solution allowing you to anticipate your disruptions, plan and schedule your operations and efficiently organize your outsourcing.

  • Quickly edit your analysis bulletins :

    Before, during or after production, check your products at any time on the basis of defined criteria.

  • Opt for an optimal management of your stocks :

    Synoptic ERP allows you to manage your stock locations and the validity dates of products in order to optimize their management.

  • Set up a transversal document management system :

    Certificates of material, analysis report, photos, storage instructions : Synoptic ERP centralizes all your documents thanks to an adapted electronic document management !