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Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Production management module

The ideal production management system for your company

Synoptic ERP integrates a computer-aided production management module allowing you to organize, optimize and monitor all production modes.

Does your SME manage its production by the unit, by the case, in series, from stock or deploy unique production methods related to your field of activity (chemistry, painting, health, etc) ?

The production management module adapts itself entirely to your company and allows you to :
  • To plan a manufacture and to launch it
  • To edit the manufacturing documents (pull list, follower sheet, etc.)
  • To reserve components in stock or on vendor order
  • Follow the progress of manufacturing in real time
  • To make stock entries, material issues
  • To edit a production or business order balance sheet to take stock of the situation
Synoptic ERP allows you to efficiently manage your production by :
  • Respecting and optimising your production deadlines
  • Precisely controlling your costs
  • Respecting the standards appropriate to your activity
  • Strict quality control
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Control all aspects of your production

Synoptic ERP’s production management module intervenes at all levels and on all aspects of your production in order to guarantee that you meet your quality, profitability and traceability objectives.

Process multi-product production orders (POs)

Synoptic ERP allows you to generate fabrications with several products. You thus have the possibility of gathering your resources on the manufacture of different products.

Calculate your MRP (Material Requirement Plan)

Manage your manufacturing and purchasing according to the MRP. The production management module takes into account the expressed demands and stocks to suggest new manufacturing or purchase requests. MRP customization leaves you free to choose between automation or suggested actions to be carried out.

Plan and schedule

Infinite capacity planning, finite capacity planning, load planning, visual representations of delays and progress : you have all the tools to allow you to efficiently macro-plan your load and resources. The finite scheduling function can be carried out on critical key figures and can be fully parameterized for your activity.

Manage data acquisition in workshops

The production management module has a real-time tool that manages data acquisition in workshops. With the help of barcode reading handhelds or touch screens, you are able to manage production counts :

  • Time spent on a fabrication.
  • Number of parts manufactured.
  • Quantity scrapped.
  • Cause and time of stoppages.

Retrieve information from your production lines

Synoptic ERP can interface with your production machines and automatically retrieve the information that matters to you (real time, produced quantities, scrap quantities, downtime, TRS, etc).

Follow the production and establish your manufacturing balance sheet

The follow-up of your production is done at a glance thanks to a manufacturing dashboard allowing you to visualize your statistics and the status of your production orders (released, planned, scheduled, etc).

You can thus quickly and visually identify the evolution of your production : advance, delay, breakdown rate, etc.

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the production management functionalities presented :

  • Inventory management, logistics

    Control your stocks in real time and anticipate shortages.

  • Traceability/quality

    Control quality and ensure traceability at all stages of the manufacturing process

  • Manufacturing management

    Manage the project, from the quote to the maintenance contract, in an optimal way.