Logistics ERP

For companies with logistics expertise, an ERP is the ideal tool to centralize all flows and essential information, from the initial phase of orders, through the management of supplies, inventory, or even shipments.

Faced with the increasing complexity of supply chain management, logisticians must now initiate or continue the digital transformation of their activity, in order to gain in efficiency and speed, and thus limit errors and delays that can hamper the smooth running of the supply chain.

ERP logistique Synoptic ERP

A logistics ERP software also makes it possible to respond to the continuous evolution of commerce, the pressure of competition and the increased demands of customers : reduction of processing times, demand for greater speed in shipments, reactivity in the case of unforeseen events, cost reduction, etc.

ERP logistics : what are the main advantages for the management of my supply chain?

As a logistics ERP, Synoptic is at the heart of your business to enable you to have a global management of your warehouses and storage sites. You can thus :

  • Visualize and control all logistics flows.
  • Ensure the traceability of all your goods.
  • Manage your resources accurately in order to optimize your operations and receive alerts when goods reach a critical level.
  • Ensure the reliability of incoming and outgoing goods and vehicles.
  • Comply with safety standards, especially when transporting food products (use-by date, expiration date, etc.) or health products.
  • Save time on all your processes, especially in terms of document management (EDI – Electronic Data Interchange), data entry, or inventory control.
  • Optimize low value-added operational tasks by digitizing your work tools : use of handhelds for inventory management, printing of labels in connection with Synoptic ERP (delivery notes, order forms, security labels, etc).
  • Improve communication by easily and securely sharing the information essential to the proper management of your storage buildings with all your employees, according to the rights granted.

Workflow : follow all your logistic actions on your ERP

The workflow, integrated directly into Synoptic ERP, allows you to monitor all of your company’s business processes.

This gives you the assurance that you can control your complex logistic circuits, verify that all quality steps have been properly completed before goods are received or sent, and share this information with all employees who have the required rights.

BI dedicated to logistics : exploit useful data and improve your competitiveness

Faced with the large number of essential indicators to be monitored within the supply chain and the constant production of data that logistics and transport management involves, the use of a BI (Business Intelligence) tool is is now essential.
Our BI solution, working in synergy with Synoptic ERP, allows you :

  • Facilitate decision making with customized indicators.
  • Improve your competitiveness by keeping a constant eye on your performance indicators.
  • Easily share key data with other users.
  • Have a global daily report on your activity, including visual representations.

Logistics ERP : choose to work with experts who know your business

We work on a daily basis with professionals in many sectors of the logistics industry : food processing, health care, mechanical and metallurgy industries, etc. Our experts therefore have all the knowledge necessary to make your ERP project a success !

ERP logistics : your software is there for you at every step of your activity

  • Warehouses

    Manage your warehouses and all your storage locations in real time.

  • Traceability

    Ensure the traceability of your stocks in order to have reliable information in all circumstances.

  • Communication

    Control the schedules and interventions of each actor in your supply chain (shipper, logistics agent, distribution agent, packaging agent, etc.).

  • Suppliers

    Quickly select the best suppliers and subcontractors with customizable criteria to reduce costs.

  • Time management

    Use your ERP to anticipate delays and react accordingly.

  • Shipping

    Reduce your management and delivery times thanks to the complete centralization of your flows.

  • Performance

    Analyze your business in detail to improve your performance, especially with our BI tool.

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