Synoptic ERP : metallurgy and industrial mechanics expert

You are an expert in metallurgy, mechanics, sheet metal work, machining, piping or even a bar turner : Synoptic is a business ERP entirely designed to meet your specific expectations.

The tool for metallurgy and industrial mechanics professionals

As a professional of metallurgy and industrial mechanics, you must today face an extremely competitive world requiring to be as reactive as possible in order to be able to meet the expectations of your customers : the delivery times are tightened, the posted prices must be competitive, the whole while preserving a production with irreproachable quality, traceability and technicality.

The needs of an SME specialized in metallurgy

These constraints imply to be able to manage your stocks, your raw materials and your machine park in an optimal way, to ensure the tracability, to plan and prioritize your production orders, purchasing of materials, subcontracting, etc.

Thanks to our expertise in the demanding field of metallurgy and industrial mechanics, we offer you a modular ERP designed to respond to your daily problems.

Modules designed for metallurgy and industrial mechanics professionals

  • Technical data :

    Manage ranges and items, multi-level BOMs, CAD, CAD and PLM (SolidWorks and AutoCAD) integrations, inspection plans, and more.

  • Technical Specifications :

    Manage technical specifications while integrating your specific constraints related to mechanics.

  • Plan management :

    Link plans to the material, edit plans, manage their indexes and view them directly on the screens of your workshops.

  • Planning :

    Create and manage your production orders, plan your productions, manage your subcontracted actions, your suppliers, your load plans, etc.

  • Production management :

    Control all raw materials, manage your production flows and monitor product quality.

  • Monitoring of manufacturing and quality :

    Follow the state of completion of a product, manage your machine connections (MES), the acquisition of live measurements, your non-conformity sheets…

  • Inventory management :

    Organize the stock of your materials and parts, monitor work in process, manage your tools and the warehouse interface (Matrix, Seco, etc.).

  • Profitability management :

    Calculate your yield rates, manage your lead times, your Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) and material prices.

  • Time management :

    Accurately monitor your employees’ working times at each position in order to generate adequate payroll data.

Synoptic ERP on a daily basis

Our ERP dedicated to metallurgy and industrial mechanics accompanies you throughout your work process : from customer request to delivery. Time saving, flexibility, productivity improvement, quality control: our tool is specifically designed to meet your needs.

1. Take care of the customer request :
  • Set the selling price of your product thanks to a configurator that does not require any special technical knowledge to use.
  • Manage price history.
  • Automatically create range of products.
  • Automatically create BOMs.
  • Formalize quotes and manage discounts.
2. Facilitate the work of your design office :
  • Easily transfer all the information from the sales departments to the design office.
  • Interface directly with SolidWorks 3D CAD software.
  • Organize the document management of plans, including indices.
3. Plan future production as well as possible :
  • Use the ranges of materials defined with Synoptic to control your planning.
  • Control your safety stocks.
  • Reserve material batches.
  • Maintain resource-based planning.
  • Send confirmations to customers.
4. Manage your stock in real time :
  • Manage your stock upstream.
  • Manage available raw materials.
  • Manage your safety stock.
  • Manage your forward inventory.
5. Make sure you have the necessary raw materials :
  • Manage your procurement according to stocks.
  • View the stock you have available.
  • Manage your batches to ensure the traceability of your components.
  • Manage FIFO (first in, first out).
6. Follow all your production :
  • Manage the different production steps.
  • Anticipate manufacturing delays.
  • Ensure communication between the sales department and production.
7. Arrange delivery :
  • Manage delivery addresses.
  • Manage the products to be delivered.
  • Organize according to the time and resources available.
  • Ensure the documentary management of your export deliveries.
  • Automatically send information by email to your customer to notify him/her of the delivery with transport tracking.