How to ensure the success of your ERP project ?

We are both editor and integrator of our own ERP solution : we can thus accompany you in the best possible way in the implementation of your future management tool and guarantee regular upgrades and maintenance.

Our support allows you to have a single point of contact throughout our collaboration : your Project Manager. The aim of this person will be to transcribe all of your business processes at all levels of your organisation : management of sales, procurement, production, quality, technical data, accounting, procurement, etc. Once this phase has been completed, it will adapt the ERP to your way of working so that it fully corresponds to your needs during the configuration phase.

As a key resource, your Project Manager will also be responsible for providing the necessary training to the end users. At the end of these different stages, we will support you, at the start, with dedicated ERP support.

A scalable ERP

The success of an ERP project also means continuing to evolve and develop its functionalities long after its launch. Do you need a Business Intelligence (BI) solution ? A new sales management module ? Your Project Manager will advise and support you so that your ERP follows the evolution and development of your company.


Key steps for the success of your project

  • 01

    Preliminary analysis

    First analysis of your company’s objectives, evaluation of the resources and budget necessary for the ERP project, realization of a first macro-planning.

  • 02

    Detailed control

    Detailed analysis of your company’s processes and the particularities of your business, definition of areas for improvement, identification of risks, creation of an implementation schedule including the key actors of the project.

  • 03

    Configuration and development

    Development of the various ERP settings, configuration of your hardware and software.

  • 04

    Testing phase

    Tests on the software.

  • 05

    Training and deployment

    Testing of the ERP in your company, first training of key users.

  • 06

    Startup and on-site support

    Definition of the different steps to be respected before starting and then launching the ERP in your company.

  • 07

    On-site support until stabilization

    Step-by-step support for ERP users at launch thanks to a dedicated support team.

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