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Boost the performance of your sales force

  • Synoptic ERP at the service of your sales forces

The ideal CRM functionalities for SMEs

Synoptic ERP’s CRM functionalities are your sales force’s performance asset : open to third-party solutions, simple to use and easy to learn. Your teams will have at their disposal the ideal tool for their sales management.

The CRM that boosts your performance every step of the way :
  • Lead management
  • Lead qualification
  • Organisation of commercial actions
  • Quotation management
  • Signature management
  • Customer retention
Mobile CRM for connected SMEs :
  • From your web browser
  • On your smartphone
  • Via a remote server
  • In connected or disconnected mode
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Ensure the effectiveness of your sales force

Plan your commercial actions

View pending sales actions as well as the list of current opportunities : your sales teams have direct and synthetic access to information.

Follow your opportunities as closely as possible

Manage your leads, quantify and qualify them while tracking their processing in real time. The objective for your SME ? A clear improvement in your results thanks to an increase in your conversion rate.

Optimize your marketing campaigns

Target and engage your targets in the best possible way thanks to appropriate actions : mailing, direct mail, phoning, SMS campaign, etc. You can also easily integrate your marketing automation tools.

Don’t miss any sales reminders

Combine commercial actions linked to quotations to ensure that you follow your financial proposals rigorously.

Keep your customer history

Keep track of and centralize all exchanges with your customers and prospects, whether it’s documents, emails, calls or sales actions, to make sure you have all the cards in hand !

Organize your contacts

Synoptic ERP’s CRM functionalities offer you a complete and intuitive contact management. You can easily synchronize your contacts with third party software (marketing automation tools, growth hacking, emailing solutions, messaging, etc.) and especially Outlook (emails, calendars, contacts).

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the presented CRM functionalities :

  • Commercial management

    Organize your customer relationship, seize opportunities

  • Business Intelligence (BI)

    Track your data with the power of MyReport : the Business Intelligence solution for SMEs

  • Workflow

    Drive your business with a workflow designed for your activity