Synoptic : healthcare expert ERP

Being a health professional implies taking into account many constraints, whether they are regulatory, administrative or directly related to technology.

Indeed, you are today subject to particularly strict regulations which require you to have perfect traceability of stocks, tasks and teams.

Your quality approach is also demanding and omnipresent at each stage of the production and analysis work. Finally, your data must be processed within short deadlines, while ensuring maximum reliability.

An ERP that understands the needs of the pharmaceutical industry

We have been working for more than 30 years with professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We know your problems and your needs and have developed the ideal tool for managing your activity as a healthcare professional.

Your products are intended for the pharmaceutical industry, the biotechnology sector, hospitals and clinics : Synoptic ERP ensures you have answers adapted to your priority objectives.

Optimal performance :

Global view of requirements thanks to the calculation of net requirements, management of procurement, sales and production in compliance with legal constraints.

Appropriate quality management :

Description of the tests by means of a data sheet linked to the article, entry of the test results in the analysis bulletins, management of waivers and clearances, management of electronic signatures, etc.

Maximized security :

Batch traceability, pre-market release management (batch record), possible interface to scales for checkweighing (Mettler, Sartorius), configurable quality workflow, etc.

Modules designed for health and pharmaceutical industry

  • Batch files :

    Manage and consult all the documents concerning the manufacturing history of the product.

  • Traceability management :

    Coupled with the workshop tallying, the bar code allows an efficient traceability of your batches from the reception of the raw material to the sale of the finished product.

  • Cross-cutting electronic document management :

    Centralize all your documents with Synoptic ERP (material certificates, analysis report, photos, storage instructions).

  • Analysis report :

    Before, during or after production, check your products at any time on the basis of defined criteria.

  • Inventory management :

    Manage your stock locations, the validity dates of products in order to optimize their management, expiry dates and re-checking.

  • Optimized production :

    Anticipate your breakdowns, plan or schedule your operations, anticipate requirements thanks to the net requirements calculation.

Synoptic ERP on a daily basis

Complex regulatory and technical requirements, delicate products and raw materials to manage, numerous controls to trace, a multitude of operations ranging from intermediate sampling to final release, results to manage and order : Synoptic ERP intervenes at each stage of your work by bringing you adapted answers.

1. Take care of the customer request :
  • Manage projects at a very early stage through opportunities to animate the customer relationship.
  • Exploit the power of the costing tool via technical specifications.
  • Formalize your quote while managing discounts.
  • Organize the commercial follow-up of the quotations (versions, attachment of actions to the quotation).
  • Transform the quotation into an order.
2. Enter your technical data :
  • Create articles with a quality release workflow.
  • Create bills of material (formulas).
  • Create quality sheets including a description of the tests to be performed.
3. Maintain component procurement :

Make sure that you have sufficient components available through net requirements planning.

4. Organize the reception of materials :

Create in-house batches and associate these same batches with a vendor batch and a shelf life expiration date.

5. Control your materials :

Enter your analysis bulletin on the basis of the information provided in the test sheets in the material master records. These tests will release the product for internal use.

6. Manage your consumption on production orders :

Organize the issue of permitted (released) components on production orders, interface with checkweighers.

7. Carry out checks at the end of the manufacturing process :

Enter the analysis report for the manufactured product, check that the material consumption matches the bill of material (formula).

8. Release your product, deliver and invoice :

Use traceability to carry out a complete control of the product to be released (edition of analysis bulletins, edition of production order reports) and carry out the marketing as well as its delivery and invoicing.