Financial controller

Make your data talk and improve your management control !

Financial controller

As a financial controller you are looking for maximum performance for your company. You are looking for cost optimization and to ensure overall profitability, while maintaining the highest possible production quality. To help you in these essential missions, you are looking for an ERP that will allow you to have unified data, consolidated in real time, allowing you to access reliable information and essential statistics for your daily missions.


ERP pour contrôleur de gestion

Evaluate and check any data for your financial control

Synoptic ERP gathers all the data of your company in one place.

This provides you with the ideal tool for :

  • Access, thanks to your dashboards, to data from all company departments in real time (commercial information, stock status, production progress, turnover, etc.).
  • Create, manage and monitor your key success indicators on a daily basis (budgets, production objectives, margins, etc.).
  • Set up alerts in case of non-compliance or exceeding of indicators fully customizable and dedicated to your business.
  • To make reports, reports, balance sheets, in a fast and intuitive way, directly from Synoptic ERP.
  • Easily consult accounting information thanks to the existing synergy between Synoptic ERP and SAGE.
  • Fluidify the communication between you and all the actors of the company.

Additional modules at the service of your objectives

  • Commercial management :

    From the quotation to the invoicing phase, find all the commercial information necessary for your financial control.

  • Production management :

    Follow the state of production in real time and easily retrieve all the data useful for your strategic analysis : production quantities, downtime, breakdown rates, etc.

  • Inventory Management :

    What is the state of the stock ? Is your supply chain efficient enough ? The stock management module ensures perfect traceability of your products and allows you to analyse each movement accurately.

  • Procurement management :

    Effectively control relations with your suppliers, the sums committed, the financial margins released.

  • Finance, HR and accounting :

    Synoptic works in complete synergy with SAGE : you can consult financial, HR and accounting information directly from your ERP and draw up balance sheets in just a few clicks!

  • Workflow :

    All of your company’s business processes are captured in the workflow in order to optimize your work in monitoring and analyzing each department.

  • Business Intelligence :

    Harness the power of Business Intelligence with Synoptic BI in order to have a global and synthetic vision of the indicators of your choice : turnover per family, per branch, productivity, stock level, etc.