Agri-food industry

Agri-food industry ERP

ERP for the agri-food industry is today a first choice tool for many companies with expertise in this field. Indeed, the evolution of the food industry is accelerated by numerous transformations : increased consumer demand for enhanced product traceability, reorientation towards more responsible production, the need to rethink the supply chain in order to increase efficiency and speed, etc.

ERP agroalimentaire pour PME

ERP for small and medium-sized companies : what is the use for my business ?

ERP is an essential tool to meet the challenges of the food industry and in particular :

  • Management of your stocks.
  • Management of your product transformations.
  • Planning.
  • Traceability management of your products and materials.
  • Batch management.
  • Management of use-by dates.
  • Management of your machine park.
  • Management of commercial actions.
  • Management of shipments.

ERP and interface with the daily tools of the food industry

Synoptic ERP does not work alone, and that is what makes it so effective ! Numerous interfaces can be created with your production tools : industrial scales, handhelds for managing the traceability of your batches, data entry screens used in your workshops or even your printers for setting up labels.

ERP : the answer to the challenges of the agri-food industry

Food safety and ERP : your best ally for compliance with regulations

At the top of the list of obligations of all food industry professionals is the respect of hygiene standards in order to be in compliance with legal and regulatory obligations during quality controls.

As an agri-food ERP, Synoptic assists you throughout your production chain in order to facilitate your controls, centralize essential information on raw materials and processed products, from the production/processing phase to delivery to the end customer.

Agri-food ERP : key points


Digitization allows you to conquer new markets, respond more effectively to customer demand and gain efficiency in business processes.


Synoptic ERP agri-food accompanies you at every stage to manage your business : from the sales process to the management of shipments.


Your ERP allows you to ensure the quality of your production and allows you to save time during your quality controls to guarantee food safety.


Between consumer expectations and your products : ERP helps you gain agility to respond more easily to the constantly changing expectations of the market.

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