Quality manager

Make quality management easier !

Quality manager

As a quality manager you are looking for a software that allows you to effectively control the quality of products at every stage of production. You also expect your ERP system to facilitate the collection and transmission of information between different company departments, subcontractors and suppliers. In addition, you want to be able to have a global and reliable view of the entire production chain and the tasks of the various technicians.

Finally, it is essential that you have functionalities enabling you to react as quickly as possible in the event of non-conformity.


Facilitez la gestion de la qualité

Demanding missions, powerful ERP

Thanks to our work in partnership with our customers in many demanding industrial fields, we have developed an ERP capable of meeting the highest expectations in terms of quality management.

This way you'll be able to :

  • Manage major projects, including internal players, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Ensure compliance with the most complex norms and standards thanks to high-performance quality monitoring functionalities.
  • Conduct internal and external audits by centralizing all information within Synoptic ERP.
  • To visualize all the company’s flows in order to have an in-depth knowledge of the production processes.
  • Monitor risks in real time and quickly apply corrective actions.
  • Conduct training sessions easily thanks to the collaborative tools of Synoptic ERP.

High-performance modules for every need

Optimal quality management is an important competitive advantage for your company. Your activity, as a quality manager, is therefore essential and deserves to have an ERP with adapted modules.

  • Quality management :

    Control your traceability, manage your non-conformities, control your monitoring means, improve your service rate, perfect your continuous improvement policy, etc. This module is 100% adapted to your business and its objectives.

  • Production management :

    Visualize and control all stages of production, in real time.

  • Inventory management :

    Monitor the stock situation, manage receipts and issues and create reports in a simple way.

  • Business Intelligence :

    The BI module allows you to track your own key indicators to facilitate your decision making.

  • Workflow :

    Good quality management requires a good understanding of all the company’s flows. The workflow allows you to model each of them and to follow their progress whether they come from employees, subcontractors or suppliers !