Production manager

Optimize your production !

Production manager

As a production manager, you are responsible for organizing the production of one or more product lines by managing all aspects of production : task planning, team and resource management, compliance, etc. You are therefore looking for an ERP that will support you on a daily basis in order to achieve your objectives.


ERP pour responsable de production

Production management module : your business is in good hands

Synoptic ERP integrates a computer-aided production management module that guarantees you to be able to :

  • Pilot all production modes (by the unit, by the order, in series, on stock, etc.).
  • Efficiently improve your various production processes.
  • Manage your continuous improvement policy in an optimal way.
  • Optimize the use of your raw materials.
  • Optimize your costs and ensure the profitability of your productions.
  • Meet the quantitative and qualitative objectives of your end customers.

Additional modules for a perfectly controlled production

  • Production management :

    Respect and optimize your production deadlines, control your costs precisely, ensure compliance with the standards specific to your activity while guaranteeing the quality of your products.

  • Inventory Management :

    Control your stocks in real time to ensure the continuity of your production and the satisfaction of your customers.

  • Traceability and quality :

    Make sure your production complies with the most strict standards thanks to Synoptic ERP’s traceability/quality module.

  • Workflow :

    Follow each step of your production, each validation step and each collaborator in order to be sure to reach your quantitative and qualitative objectives.

  • Business Intelligence :

    The BI module allows you to track key production indicators in order to make the right decisions !