Manufacturing management
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Manage the project, from the quote to the maintenance contract, in an optimal way.

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Optimize the manufacturing management of your SME

The manufacturing process of your SME requires you to choose an ERP with an operating mode specially dedicated to this specificity in order to manage, at best, all your projects or business.

Whether you are a design office, an industrial equipment manufacturer, a manufacturer of special-purpose machines or a provider of customised services, you need to be able to follow all the stages of your business precisely.

Thanks to its advanced business approach, Synoptic ERP accompanies you from the quotation phase to the installation phase, including after-sales service management.

Synoptic ERP accompanies you, on a daily basis, in order to :
  • Allow you to have a 360° view of your business
  • Enable you to evaluate your projects as accurately as possible
  • Facilitate the management of your business budgets
  • Establish your workload/business plan as accurately as possible
  • Manage your BOMs, even the most complex ones
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Support at all stages of your manufacturing process

  • Take into account the request of your lead or customer in a fast way thanks to the advanced CRM functionalities of Synoptic ERP.
  • Make a precise costing of the project thanks to the technical estimate module.
  • Formalize, transmit and organize the commercial follow-up of your quotations then transform them in a simple way into an order.
  • Manage the creation of your business and all the budgetary aspects.
  • Transfer all essential information to your engineering department and facilitate its work by propagating changes to current production orders, transmitting information via net requirements calculation, monitoring component obsolescence or integrating your BOMs directly from your CAD.
  • Manage your planning efficiently by controlling your safety stocks and material batches.
  • Manage your operations in an optimal way by setting up monthly, weekly, etc. cut-offs.
  • Manage your stock and raw materials.
  • Organize all the stages of your production.
  • Organize and track your delivery.
  • Manage your facilities by organizing your teams, controlling your equipment.
  • Make your manufacturing review simple and straightforward.
  • Set up an after-sales service to reduce your reaction time as much as possible.

Manage your operations with adapted ERP modules

Synoptic is a modular ERP which allows you to have the functions adapted to your expert activity by allowing you to :

  • To sell : by organizing your sales teams and efficiently following your opportunities thanks to the CRM functionalities.
  • To make your business profitable : by accurately managing your sales and procurement and controlling the profitability of each project.
  • To produce : by organising your operations, managing your subcontracting, etc.
  • To manage : by having a micro and macro vision of each process thanks to the worfklow.
  • To centralize : documents and data related to your business through electronic document management).
  • To assist : your customers thanks to the after-sales service module by taking care of maintenance contracts, automatic invoicing and ticket management.

Expert in special-purpose machines ?

We work with many experts in the manufacture of special-purpose machines and have developed an ERP especially designed for their business management !

Additional modules

The modules of Synoptic ERP are complementary. You wish to go further ? These modules work in complete synergy with the manufacturing management functionalities presented :

  • Commercial management

    Organize your customer relationship, seize opportunities

  • Production management

    Choose the production management adapted to your SME

  • Inventory management, logistics

    Control your stocks in real time and anticipate shortages.

The recent manufacturing management module is the cornerstone to support our project activity.
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