Proges Plus official partner of Report One : the BI solution for SMEs

Proges Plus official partner of Report One : the BI solution for SMEs

Our teams participating in the evolution of Synoptic are constantly looking for innovative and efficient solutions to enrich the functionalities offered by our ERP.

This is why we have chosen to become an official partner of Report One, publisher of the BI (Business Intelligence) solution MyReport !


Proges Plus partenaire officiel de Report OneA partnership that meets the BI needs of SMEs

At a time when the number of data flows and data within SMEs is increasing, it is becoming essential to have high-performance tools to structure this strategic information and provide appropriate decision support tools. The brand new MyReport Business Evolution solution integrated with Excel allows us to offer our customers a BI tool :

  • Offering a unified and accurate view of their data, whatever its origin (ERP, CRM, SAGE, etc.).
  • Allowing them to build by themselves relevant dashboards and to set up the monitoring of their KPI’s.
  • Which simplifies the distribution of information to selected employees.
  • Which generally facilitates the decision making process, thus allowing to gain in performance.

Report One : the choice of a recognized partner

With more than 4,800 customers for 60 employees, Report One is today an essential reference in the fields of data management and data visualization. Their solutions are designed by and for SMEs to facilitate the exploitation of strategic data.

This commitment to SMEs, with the objective of providing accessible solutions for their growth, is also at the heart of Proges Plus’ values.

The MyReport solution also responds to the problems of data structuring that we have had the opportunity to identify in contact with our own SME customers, in all the sectors of activity with which we work daily : metallurgy, special machines, chemistry, health, etc.

A BI tool that puts customer satisfaction at the heart of its concerns

The BI 2019 survey conducted by the BARC Institute (Business Application Research Center) notes that the MyReport solution is :

  • Number 1 in ease of use and data preparation.
  • Recommended by 93% of users surveyed.
  • Praised for its speed of implementation with a score of 8.4/10.
  • Recommended by 91% of users for the quality of its dashboard creation functionalities.

Synoptic ERP and MyReport : two solutions working in synergy

Relying on a recognized partner also means ensuring the complementarity and synergy of your solutions ! Thus, Synoptic ERP and MyReport work in perfect complementarity: you have direct access to the data from your ERP in MyReport. These data are reliable, updated in real time, and ready to be integrated into your various dashboards !

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