What is an ERP ? What is the purpose of a Workflow ? Find the answers to your questions with our glossary.


Entreprise Ressource Planning, it is a computer solution that allows to centralize information and to make it circulate between the different professions of a company, a structure, thanks to adapted functionalities : production management, commercial management, procurement management, etc. 


Software as a service, i.e. using software through a web interface.


Exchange of computer data. This is the ability to exchange information from one computer to another without printing paper.


Computer-aided production management. This is a computer solution that allows you to respond to different production problems.


BI or business intelligence. This allows data to be analysed from statistics that have been produced beforehand.


Customer relationship management brings together all the tools and techniques designed to capture, process and analyse information about customers and prospects, with the aim of building loyalty by offering them the best possible service.


Electronic document management. Generate and save electronic documents that you link directly to key information.


IT management of all the tasks to be accomplished and the different actors involved in the realization of a business process (who does what? When?). For example: the management of the tasks to be accomplished by the different actors of a process.